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Nintendo Is Not As Family Friendly As You Think

Date: Sep 24, 2022

Nintendo. Beloved video game company. Safe. Warm. Nurturing.
For anyone who has played video games, this Japanese company has a very special place in our hearts. Gamers of all ages get nostalgic thinking about that first time playing Mario, Donkey Kong, or Zelda. But what if I told you that this company has a much, much darker history.
That’s right, much like Disney and movies, once you push past Nintendo’s family-friendly image, the company’s practices start to paint a different picture. From their treatment of their own employees, to destroying the communities who play their games, it becomes quickly apparent that Nintendo, the billion dollar corporation that defined your childhood, isn’t the fatherly figure they make themselves out to be. Today, we’ll be exploring some of the unethical things that Nintendo has done over the years, and present a different angle of this beloved developer.
This is the dark side of Nintendo
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