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Red Bull Kumite

Red Bull Kumite is Red Bull’s fighting game tournament series, primarily focused on the Street Fighter franchise. Started in 2015, the event has established itself as one of the most prestigious fighting game tournaments and has been held annually around the world from Paris to Tokyo.

The 2024 edition of Red Bull Kumite took place in Brooklyn, New York – a mecca for fighting games in North America. To promote the tournament, Red Bull hosted a pre-event activation in Times Square that featured the public going up against professional players in Street Fighter 6 with the gameplay broadcast to one of the massive screens while being commentated on by casters.

Red Bull approached Akshon to create a content package to help drive excitement and awareness for Red Bull Kumite. Throughout the production process, Akshon focused on ensuring all content would speak authentically to fighting game players while still being consumable and entertaining for viewers from other gaming communities.

Leading up to the event, Akshon produced a series of evergreen and educational content pieces highlighting the history of Red Bull Kumite and the fighting game community in New York to build excitement for the main event. For the Times Square takeover, Akshon developed and produced Street Fighter-related “man on the street” style social content which was filmed on-location, edited, and published to Red Bull’s various social media platforms and as well as being aired on the tournament’s live broadcast. Finally, post-event, Akshon produced videos highlighting the tournament’s biggest moments which were published on Red Bull’s YouTube channel and social media.


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