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Immortals vs Arc 6 - GrimReality Makes Fireworks | Overwatch Beat Invitational S2 Esports Highlights

Date: Jul 12, 2017

After being knocked out of the winner’s side of the bracket by Rogue, Immortals faced off against Arc 6 in the semifinals of the Loser’s bracket in last weekend’s Overwatch Beat Invitational Season 2.
Immortals were able to win this series in a 3-0 and challenge Rogue once more in the grand finals, but had to play in one of the most intense set of maps in the entire tournament as Arc 6 put up an equally impressive performance, something unexpected for the underdog team.
Immortals easily ranks amongst the top three teams in North America alongside EnVyUs and Rogue after winning several tournament titles such as the and Overwatch Winter Premiere Overwatch Contenders Season Zero. Immortals has been revealed to be one of the teams to participate in the first season of Blizzard’s Overwatch League.
Arc 6 has gone through several name changes in the past. Many will remember this roster as the former members of Denial who were released from their contracts after the organization pulled out of Overwatch. The players went on to remain as a team and participate in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero as Yikes! before recently rebranding once again to Arc 6. This team made a valiant performance at Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, but finished their run in the Group Stage in 9th-12th place with a 2-2-2 record.
The Overwatch Beat Invitational Season 2 featured a $6000 prize pool with some of the best teams in the west such as Immortals, Rogue, FNRGFE, and Arc 6.
The Immortals roster is as follows:
– Christopher “GrimReality” Schaefer
– Brady “Agilities” Girardi
– George “Hyped” Maganzini
– Stefano “Verbo” Disalvo
– Park “KariV” Young Seo
– Koo “Fate” Pan-Seung
The Arc 6 lineup consists of:
– Félix “xQc” Lengyel
– Derek “zza” Johnson
– Brice “Gingerpop” Breakey
– Dante “Danteh” Cruz
– Indy ” SPACE” Halpern
– Scott “Custa” Kennedy
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