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Why Are Gacha Games So Good At Making You Spend Money?

Date: Apr 08, 2022

What is “gacha” and how did this game model take over the world?
Have you ever wanted something so badly that despite how unlikely the odds, you’ll pour time and money into trying and get it? Are you a master of convincing yourself that “the next drop will have what you want”? Would you willingly spend 8 hours of your day rolling a slot machine just to get the last piece in a set? If you said yes to all of these, you are most likely a gacha player. A might have a gambling problem
Gacha games are a staple of the modern video game market. Since going digital, they’ve become one of the biggest revenue sources in gaming history. While the genre was once niche and relatively unknown as a concept, the gacha mechanic has crept into many games on the market today and some newcomers to the genre have already generated millions in revenue.
So how did gacha games get this popular? What makes them fun in the first place? And where does the gacha game model go from here?
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