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The One True Fighting Game - Divekick

Date: Mar 16, 2022

For many gamers, fighting games are the up there in pinnacle of complexity. Precise and specific inputs. Constantly playing mindgames with your opponent. And a very steep learning curve if you’re serious about getting competitive, mean that when you’re first getting into the genre, it can be a little bit frustrating.
But what if I told you that for a time, one of the most popular fighting games in the world used only two buttons? No joystick, no d-pad, just two, giant buttons. This is the story of a game that tried to bring simplicity back to the fighting game genre. A game that parodied and mocked the very community that embraced it.
A cult classic which took the FGC by storm, and appeared at some of the biggest tournaments in the world. This, is Divekick.
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