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How Did PC Gaming Take Over South Korea? - Rise of An Esports Empire

Date: May 11, 2022

How did PCs become the most popular form of gaming in South Korea?
To this day in Japan, arcades continue to be a huge gathering hub for gamers of every kind. The bright flashing lights and chaotic mix of noises have become a welcoming and at times even nostalgic setting for those who come to just sit down, relax, and throw some time away doing what they love, playing games with others.
While arcades became a huge part of Japan’s culture, their South Korean neighbors went another direction and created a gaming culture from another console instead. You can still experience the same flashing lights and hear the symphony of clicks that you would expect from an arcade, South Korea’s version wasn’t filled with arcade cabinets but PCs instead.
So how did PCs become the dominant platform of choice for gaming in South Korea?
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