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Selfless vs FaZe Clan - The Rise of Carpe | $100K Overwatch Contenders Tournament Esports Highlights

Date: Jun 20, 2017

In the final match of the Day 1 of the North American Overwatch Contenders Group Stage, both Selfless Gaming and Faze Clan found themselves positions that no one would have expected.
0:02 Numbani
3:25 Oasis
15:35 Hanamura
24:35 Route 66
Selfless Gaming has been going through an intensive roster change after bringing on former BK Stars DPS player Lee “Carpe” Jae-hyeok and former Rise Nation Support Mike “Midnight” Ryan in the wake of Dafran’s suspension from competitive play for the remainder of the Overwatch season. According to  James ‘Jamerson’ Lee Carpe only recently had landed in America and has had little time to practice with his team. Heading into this series the big question on everyone’s mind was how well would Carpe be able to communicate with the rest of his team and if the language barrier would be Selfless’ undoing. Earlier in the day, Selfless had already faltered to CLG and Team Liquid which placed an even greater emphasis on the need to win this series if they hoped to keep their tournament run alive into the playoff stage.
For FaZe Clan things have been looking up with their star DPS George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha, one of the best Genji players in the world, finally moving to America. In previous tournaments, Shadowburn had to play with ridiculously high ping as he was based in his home country of Russia, but with the ability to practice with his team in person and low ping, his Genji play has been able to reach new heights. Heading into this series, FaZe was in a decent position with two Draws and looked to strengthen their chances at advancing to the next stage with a win.
FaZe had a rough start on Numbani as their Pharah Mercy strategy was shut down by the precision of Carpe’s Soldier:76 and at times Lui’s Tracer who would have control over the high ground around the capture point. For some bizarre reason, FaZe decided to keep Shadowburn on Pharah despite a Genji pick being far more suitable when it was their turn to defend.
Selfless Gaming made a blitz towards the objective and piled into the room behind the checkpoint without much resistance. With D.Va’s Defence Matrix surrounding Carpe’s Soldier:76 and a constant heal aura from Lucio, FaZe were picked off as they funneled into the choke that was the doorway. This strategy rendered Shadowburns rockets useless and allowed for Carpe to make picks from the safety of the room.
Taking Numbani, Selfless nearly secured themselves the second map of the day on Oasis, but on the decisive stage of University, Shadowburn’s Genji was able to show the world why it should be feared and with Dragonblade in hand helped carry his team to victory. There were several mistakes made on this map from Selfless ranging from a poor choice of D.Va ults, missing shots on stunned targets, and preemptive uses of Transcendence which were wasted more often than not.
Selfless were able to take the third map of Hanamura with a double point capture leaving them with 4:18 minutes of time to spare in the event of a Draw. However, the same can not be said for FaZe who had to claw their way to capture point B in the castle with several prolonged fights that barely went in their favour if it weren’t for the multiple kills secured by Shadowburn’s Genji in the final moments of Overtime.
At the end of the day, Selfless walked away with a hard-fought win in the record after a back and forth map on Route 66. FaZe Clan was almost able to push the payload to the final destination and force a Draw, but Selfless forced them to spill blood with every inch the payload had moved since the start of the round. Prolonging the FaZe push as long as possible, Selfless’ superior ultimate management and ability to outclass the opponents in long drawn out skirmishes is what made the difference in the final match of the day.
Overwatch Contenders is the first major Blizzard sponsored tournament of 2017 featuring some of the best teams from the West competing for dominance. Season Zero of the tournament series started this June with the goal of determining the Top 8 teams from both the EU and NA in preparation for Season One with $100,000 up for grabs and more importantly to help attract the eye of investors for the upcoming Overwatch League.
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