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Immortals vs Team Liquid | Clash of The Genjis - Overwatch Contenders Season Zero NA Highlights

Date: Jul 04, 2017

After two days of high-level competition and a few incredibly close series at the NA Overwatch Contenders, only two teams remained poised to clash for supremacy in the grand finals.
0:00 Nepal
4:56 Watchpoint Gibralter
10:31 Hanamura
13:56 Hollywood
20:45 Oasis
Fighting their way through two weekends of Group Stage, Team Liquid and Immortals dominated their competition. With a near loss to FNRGFE in an incredibly close best-of-5 series, Team Liquid faced off against Immortals who appeared to be unstoppable as they made quick work of Kungarna earlier in the day in a clean 3-0.
For the first time, the rosters of the two organizations who bolstered their star power with some Korean talent and tout arguably the two best Genji players in the West faced off on the final stage of Overwatch Contenders Season Zero.
Team Liquid gave a competitive performance on maps such as Hollywood and Oasis, but they were no match for the coordination and skill of Immortals who exploited the weaknesses of a team that was still in the process of stabilizing their roster.
Despite losing both Nepal to Immortals without putting up too much of a fight, TL was able to rebound and proved that there was a reason why they had made it all the way to the grand finals by tieing up the series with a solid hold on Watchpoint: Gibralter earning then at least one map win.
The most impressive performance of the match for Immortals was their ability to defend Hollywood’s Point C against Team Liquid’s relentless push with Fate diving into the backline to zone out the TL Support players, a feat which left their DPS without any backup and a swift death.
IMT may have walked away with the title of Overwatch Contenders champion and $100,000, but TL will have a chance at revenge as both teams have qualified for the Season One of the event along with FNRGFE and Kungarna and joined by EnVyUs and Rogue.
Overwatch Contenders is the first major Blizzard sponsored tournament of 2017 featuring some of the best teams from the West competing for dominance. Season Zero of the tournament series started this June with the goal of determining the Top 8 teams from both the EU and NA in preparation for Season One with $100,000 up for grabs and more importantly to help attract the eye of investors for the upcoming Overwatch League.
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