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eUnited vs 123 - Kruise -ing To Victory | Overwatch Contenders EU Season Zero Esports Highlights

Date: Jul 06, 2017

Here are our highlights of the exciting conclusion to OW Contenders EU Season 0. On July 1st, eUnited took on 123 in the grand finals in an attempt to break their second place curse and take home $25,000 while the underdogs, 123, aim to make a name for themselves as a strong team even without having a sponsor supporting their efforts.
0:28 Oasis
5:45 Route 66
10:37 Temple of Anubis
15:07 Hollywood
22:06 Lijiang Tower
After a short break, the action resumed over the weekend with the start of playoff matches with eUnited vs. Movistar Riders, Team Singularity vs. Laser Kittenz, 123 vs. Rest in Pyjamas, and Misfits vs. Bazooka Puppiez all ending in a 3-0 fashion.
Moving onto the semifinals, 123 managed to overcome Bazooka Puppiez 3-1. This was considered to be an upset because while both teams are not signed by an esports organization, Bazooka Puppiez was composed of former pro players.
In the series against eUnited, 123 put on a strong performance, but their inexperience and limited hero pool ultimately led to their undoing. 123 were able to claim the first map win on Oasis, but their moment was stopped once eUnited claim Route 66, Temple of Anubis, Hollywood, and Lijiang Tower through a mix of superior teamwork and mechanical ability.
By reaching the Top 8 in Season Zero, both teams have qualified for Overwatch Contenders Season One set to commence mid-August. EUnited earned themselves the glory of champions and a hefty $25,000 chunk of the prize pool for reaching first place, while 123 earned themselves a sizable $10,000. Laser Kittenz and Bazooka Puppiez each walked away with $4,000. If Overwatch Contenders Season Zero is any indication of the health of the game as an esport, it is that the EU scene is still alive and well despite the concerns of the region bleeding players to North America and the recent cases of teams disbanding.
During this short break before the start of Season One, fans can expect to see more potential roster changes and improvements before the Top 8 clash once again later this summer.
Overwatch Contenders is the first major Blizzard sponsored tournament of 2017 featuring some of the best teams from the West competing for dominance. Season Zero of the tournament series started this June with the goal of determining the Top 8 teams from both the EU and NA in preparation for Season One with $100,000 up for grabs and more importantly to help attract the eye of investors for the upcoming Overwatch League.
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