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The Rise, Fall and Unexpected Revival of Mario Strikers Charged

Date: Jun 29, 2022

Mario Strikers Charged took what made its predecessor shine as a competitive title and cranked it up to 11.
MSC stands as a shining example of how to make a sequel to an esports title, but that’s not the only important part of this game’s legacy. This is also the game that finally introduced Nintendo fans to the politics, passion, and competitive drive of early 2000s clan wars. With another sequel just around the corner, let’s look back at one of the rare instances where Nintendo mostly did everything right.
This is the story of Mario Strikers Charged, the rise, fall, and revival of Nintendo’s greatest sports game.
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0:00 – Intro
1:31 – Mario Strikers Charged
4:38 – Online Play & Clan Wars
13:16 – A Community Fragmented But Not Forgotten
17:23 – Revival of a Competitive Scene
21:05 – The Future Is Bright
22:57 – Outro


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