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Outlaws Jake and Rawkus on Representing Esports To The Mainstream, Trash Talk & Media Interactions

Houston Outlaws Jake and Rawkus sit down with Akshon Esports reporter Adam Neylan for an interview where we discuss their experience interacting with the media and what it’s like helping esports become mainstream.


0:27 – How does it feel to do so many interviews, more than most other players in the OWL?
3:30 – Talking about video games
3:55 – Taking your response into consideration based on the publication
5:30 – How do you feel that the press has represented you and your brand?
7:51 – What would you say are your biggest pet peeves during interviews?
8:31 – What has been one of your favorite media experiences?
9:58 – Experience going the Today Show appearance and explaining esports to an older audience
12:50 – Being considered as kids who make money instead of athletes
15:14 – What was it like knowing that you were representing the entire industry during that segment?
18:11 – How has being a person in the public eye affected your private life?
22:00 – Thoughts on this interview, fan interactions & closing statements

You can follow Jake & Rawkus here:

Jake: https://twitter.com/jakeow
Rawkus: https://twitter.com/Rawkus

For more of Adam’s work at the Overwatch League, follow him here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AkshonAdam?lang=en

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Jun 05, 2018



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