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How Video Games Manipulate You Into Spending Money

How do video games get players to spend money?

With game developers moving away from a buy-to-play and leaning towards the freemium model, the people calling the shots are adopting new and creative ways to get players to part with their hard-earned pay cheques.

From first-time spenders to lucrative mega whales who can basically fund a game company, there is a myriad of subtle psychological tricks they employ to get players to spend cash on their game.

In this video, we explore four methods that developers use to entice players like you into spending money.

0:00 – Intro
1:09 – Foot In The Door
3:59 – Currency Distancing
6:31 – Loss Aversion
9:53 – Social Pressure
12:38 – Conclusion
14:08 – Outro

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Nov 30, 2022