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Akshon Media and Evil Geniuses Enter Content Partnership For The VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

Akshon Media will be the official media partner of Evil Geniuses in 2024.

VANCOUVER, BC — Akshon Media is proud to be working with Evil Geniuses as their official media partner for 2024.

Akshon will be producing a range of content, from media surrounding EG’s professional VALORANT esports team to pieces celebrating the brand’s brand’s 25th anniversary, in the form of hype videos, trailers, team photography, social media content, and much more.“Akshon, as a company, has grown in the last few years, both in scope of production and diversity of projects,” said Roger Chan, CEO of Akshon Media, “we are excited to be working with a storied organization in Evil Geniuses, and are confident that our dedication to quality and storytelling will produce some truly memorable moments in 2024.”

Chris DeAppolonio, CEO of Evil Geniuses, highlighted the importance of EG’s 25th anniversary, saying, “we’re incredibly excited to be working with Akshon Media as our content and media partner throughout 2024. Not only is their team composed of experts in the esports and content space, but they are also uniquely positioned to tackle our anniversary storytelling given our shared roots in the Pacific Northwest – fans should be excited for what’s to come from our collaboration.”

Akshon has partnered with other major brands in the gaming space, working with developers, tournament organizers and other media companies to create content comprising live-event coverage, article writing, videography, photography, and graphic design. In recent years, Akshon has expanded beyond the gaming industry, applying their diverse skillset to interior design and architecture firms as well.

Today, Akshon Media boasts more than 330,000 subscribers on YouTube with videos totaling 146 million views. To learn more about Akshon Media, visit https://akshonmedia.com/about/

About Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is a gaming and esports organization based in Seattle, Washington, and founded in 1999. They are the oldest active esports organization in the world and are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2024.

Evil Geniuses is currently all in on VALORANT, one of the fastest growing esports titles in the world. Last year, their VALORANT team won VALORANT Champions 2023, the game’s premier event that peaked at more than 1.25 million concurrent viewers. Evil Geniuses will be looking to continue their success throughout the year. To learn more about Evil Geniuses, visit https://evilgeniuses.gg/.

About Akshon Media

Akshon Media, a video production company founded in 2016, is dedicated to creating content and telling stories from within the gaming industry. Comprising a team of passionate individuals, Akshon Media is proud to produce some of the highest quality video content in the industry today. The company is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about the partnership between Akshon Media and Evil Geniuses, you can contact them at the following addresses:

Akshon Mediaroger@akshonmedia.com
Evil Geniusespress@evilgeniuses.gg

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